Sunday, September 24, 2006

Air Deccan's 3 for 3 - Good Deal or Raw Deal ?

Is this deal a good deal? What is the hidden agenda? What are the hidden processes ? Please find below a full blown discovery! My mail to Airdeccan and I received only 2 bot mails so far " We received your mail, we will get back to you" kind. I have not seen such callous attitude to the customer queries. Any body else feel like having received the same raw deal ?


Dear Customer Care,

I was surprised to find that the refund of Rs.2784/- towards the trip from Chennai to Delhi has been credited back to my account at ICICI bank contained the PNR NUMBER!

(26/08/2006 AIRDECCAN RFND-PRN Cr 2,784.00)

Whereas you had refuted my query with you on several attempts by telephone and also in person, (between 24th August 2006 to 25th August 2006) by informed me that the PNR number had not been generated and so my ticket from Chennai to Delhi would be cancelled.

I had booked the ticket for 3 persons namely:

for 10th November 2006, from Chennai to Delhi by AirDeccan Flight DN639 through my ICICI bank account on 23rd August 2006 and my account had been debited for the same.

(23/08/2006 Dr 2,784.00)

This was purchased under your special scheme for Rs.3 for 3 lakh tickets. When I did not get a confirmation mail even after 3 hours, I had called up the customer care (should I say, “customer don’t care!”). After 45 minutes and 20 attempts, I was able to get hold of a “live person”. He informed me that the PNR number was not generated and the money would be refunded. This was confirmed by one more staff at your “ Whites Road ” office, where I had gone personally. (BTW, did you know that a girl appointed by you at the reception knows only this sentence “Call up customer care, I cannot help you”. My question to you – What is she there for and why does she has such a bad attitude?) The other “boy” at the reception was able to connect me with his manager inside the room. Only the manager present in the office was more kind (?) and informed me that the PNR number was not generated and so my ticket would be cancelled. He had confirmed this information to me, when your staff at the reception mentioned to me that the server was down. He maintained the same stance from my entry at about 11:30 am to my exit at about 12:15 pm. From where this manager was able to pull this information with the servers down, I don’t know! Must be magic!!! (The staff at the reception gave this reply to persons who wanted to book tickets. 2 persons were waiting for over 2 hours for the booking.)

I had also booked the return ticket (from Delhi to Chennai) on the same day after I had booked this ticket and have been awarded the same. So, please do not raise the issue that I could have booked later on.

This cancellation reflects to unfair trade practices and cheating of customers through one of the below mentioned techniques:

Unfair Trade Practice 1: (Staff)
I believe your staffs have been canceling tickets so that they can award themselves with the tickets. This has come to light because the cancellation of the ticket contains a PNR number which your staff informed me that a number had not been generated.

Unfair Trade Practice 2: (Company)
The system/staff (on instructions from the company) have automatically cancelled the ticket to Delhi for the same family since AirDeccan would want the family to purchase tickets one way. If so, you should have specifically have provided this information on your web site / advertisement failing which it becomes a plain case of cheating.

Please provide me a fair deal.

Up in Smoke!

I was reading my own post. But I remembered the exact reason why I left it. But I did not mention it in full truth since I did not want my sister to know how I had felt on that day!

Now, my sister is no more. But the reason why I left smoking was... She mentioned once in the hospital..."I will not take a smoker's blood", when I wanted to give my blood to her. She needed a transfusion and the hospital wanted a donor, and I volunteered immediately but she refused. I felt so ashamed of myself that I could not give blood to my sister, though many of my friends and colleagues did. I felt so helpless and so lonely. That day was the day I felt I was worthless. If I could not give up smoking, I was a total waste. And I did give up smoking ...with the thought of my sister..and I steeled it using other metaphysical resolves...thanks to my sister. Chomi..where ever you are I will always love you. I wish you to come back to me in your next birth.