Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Diwali was good ...

This year Diwali went well. I did manage to get some good photos with my camera. Some of them may not be excellent due to the fact that I did not still get myself a good stand and all the photos were hand-shot. The minimum time exposure being 0.5 secs to 10 secs. My hand was pretty stable...on most of the shots. My sister did exceedingly well...and she bravely set off many cracker...I was the watchful one...One of the rockets headed straight into the neighbours house
(6 secs at aperture 18)

...we did peep after a couple of secs to verify that all were well.
The arial shots were fantastic.
(4 secs at aperture 18)

and a link to one which I made into a wallpaper Glitterring_gems.jpg.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Coimbatore is Interesting !

My first visit to the Coimbatore. I went to this Marutha Malai temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. Boy was I surprised on the ATTITUDE of the priests there. We had purchased 4 archana tickets (Rs 2 each) and they would not recite more than one name per ticket and specifically said that they would not say!!!! (In contrast I was thinking about our own Kabali temple in Mylapore, u could tell them a dozen names and they would mention all tose names before the lord). Maybe they should have put a board out there in Marutha Malai...mentioning this fact !!!

When I am spending in thousands to go there, what is a few rupees more ????

Basically I am surprised that such persons with such negative attitude should be near the Lord !!!
A warning to those who want to go to this temple...do buy tickets for archanai for the number of individuals you would want them to repeat ...

The other fact was that they did not place any of the items before the Lord...they rather brought all the items outside and just redistributed...to the persons who had given them. My Chitti & Mom were one surprised lot.

Other than that we went down to visit the cave where the Paambatti Siddhar was placed. The whole place there is very beautiful to look at.

After that we went on a visit to Perks Matriculation School which has an exact replica of the Great Pyramid. Meditated inside it for a while and also purchased a small replica of it.

A funny thing happened...I kept my cellphone full charged near the pyramid...this morning my batteries were empty...and it has shut off...maybe I might have to re-experiment...I don't know how it has happened !