Monday, August 01, 2011

Ashram school - Truly loved by the children

This incident happened somewhere around a year back. My niece who was studying at Ashram school at that time. One day when the class was going on, my niece stepped out of class without asking the teacher any permission. She returned to class 10 minutes later. The teacher has asked her where she had been. My niece had sweetly replied to the teacher - Since she was hungry, she went to the kitchen to find out if the food was ready. So the teacher asked her if the food was ready for which my niece replied in affirmative. On that, the teacher, trouped her entire class to the kitchen for lunch.

I was so pleasantly surprised at this entire encounter. I have not heard of any school in the past which allows students to leave the class without any permission from the teacher.

I have not heard of the teacher who so pleasantly takes care of the students in her care that the child is treated a child with love.

I was very surprised that the child was not mistreated in any manner or made to feel sorry for her behavior.

The Ashram school is run by Mrs.Latha Rajanikanth. (Our Superstar Rajanikanth's wife).

What good values have been infused that even an elementary teacher showers such love on a child!

My best wishes for such a good school and may many other schools adopt such healthy practices.