Thursday, June 19, 2008

Amazing Indian Inventor - G.D.Naidu

Today, there was a joke on TV, where the tamil film comedian, Goundamani was calling himself equal to G.D.Naidu. That is when my mother volunteered more information about this amazing person. He was a good friend of my (late) grandfather, freedom fighter Arunachalam.

My grandfather had some amazing stories to tell his children. He had told my mom that he was a whiz at growing plants. Guavas in his garden which normally is the size of an orange, in his garden alone, grows to the size of a large coconut. He used to inject plants with injections containing his marvelous ideas and used to achieve incredible results. Another incident was that a coconut tree which was hardly 3 feet tall, but would grow bunches of over sized coconuts and each of them will be within an arm's length. He did not believe in using any harsh fertilizers and believed in using naturally available insecticides. He was constantly experimenting and inventing and believed that neither education nor age is a barrier to a true inventor. He had at that time also asked my grandfather to send his son to learn through him as soon as he completed his PUC (a degree of the yester years). These incidents date back upto 40 years or more from now.

Neither the government at that time, nor any private investors encouraged him much. He was a patriotic person and he wanted his secrets only among the indian people so that India would grow. He did not beleive in profiting from his ideas, and refused to sell the ideas to foreigners to make money. At the same time, he did not reveal many of his secrets as he wanted it to be of use to the common man and that it should not be made for profit. It is said that the secret of his inventions died along with him, which is a really sad news indeed.

If only, there was a G.D.Naidu or his secrets alive, the world's hunger could have been postponed for some years now or even eradicated.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fireworks at the Beach

I finally got myself a tripod. Manfrotto no less. The hunt for this stand has been long. I finally purchased at bangalore. I did receive assistance on choosing a good tripod from a fellow photographer - Dr.Deepak V Rao of Bangalore. Thanks Deepak. This was a fireworks show at Besant Nagar Beach. Some shots here.

I was trying to take photos and at the same time was managing the camcorder. There was a huge light pole which I tried to avoid on the beach. But unfortunately most of the shots were bursting near that location and I had to shift the focus there. No, I could not change the angle since I was on a terrace of a house.