Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am jubilant!!! Finally got the LED TV which I had got from US to work. The LG LED TV LE5400 Supports only NTSC.

With advent of Digital Channels, I was under the impression that any TV will work, but was I surprised. My Tata Sky did not work. It showed only Black and white. I checked out with one of my wife's friends and he had informed that Airtel TV works, but only in HD mode for those 8 channels. (Not at all helpful). Checked out some broadband forums and many people suggested using Dish TV as it was supported also in the computer and I also found Sun TV is hosted in US through the Dish network.

(Did lots of research on the net and asked lots of people also). Some people had also mentioned that Sun Dish has a NTSC option. It was put in a broadband forum. All this left me confused. Was down to 2 choices: Sun Dish or Dish Network.

My dad at that time consulted a LG technician. He affirmed that LG works in SCV as it has a NTSC option. (Thanks a lot for that LG Technician who helped me make that choice) We earlier had a SCV, which my dad renewed. I gave all the connections. It was still black & white. I went into System Options and changed both for UHF and Audio Video Settings to NTSC_M.

Now, I have a beautiful TV which works in India. Some screenshots showing the settings. Hats
off to SCV who are forward in their thinking of providing all options in a set top box, I was able
to see PAL (India), NTSC (US), Secam (Europe). I have temporarily set this up to check its working. Will set up the entire set on the wall by end of day.
Added: Also confirmed that
Dish Tru HD set top box using HDMI cable works for NTSC TV.