Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Back to US: Philadelphia

Yes, I am back to US. I have escaped the winters twice but this time I guess I have to go through the icy stuff. Being a madrasi, anything less than 8 deg celcisus is cold and this city seems to provide -5 Farenheit. One part of me does not like this winter stuff but the other part wants to move in the snow.

I am married now, but my wife is in India and the interview date is a long way off (4 months). I have been with my wife for only 1 moonth after marriage and again back to bachelor days! I have asked my company guys to speed up things, but not much seems to be happening now. I guess it will be more fun if she can join me before the winter. (Keeping fingers crossed x). Konjam polambal mathiri irruku.... but my wife does that everyday with me and she is certainly not very fond of the persons responding to her H4 queried from my company. One person even mentioned she had resigned and my wife innocently believed that !!

Hoping for the best for now.