Monday, October 16, 2006

Quick Office Tips

1. Wrap text within the cell --> Press Alt+ Enter
2. Move to the next sheet in the workbook --> CTRL+PAGE DOWN
3. Move to the previous sheet in the workbook --> CTRL+PAGE UP
4. Shortcut, make charts --> F11
5. To select the entire column --> CTRL+SPACEBAR
6. To select the entire row --> SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Word / PowerPoint
Align – Justify --> Ctrl + J

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Bike is Stolen

My new bike purchased on 7th June 2006, hardly 4 months old / Apache (Red) has beeen stolen from my house compound. It has run only 2500 kms and just finished the second service.

Sequence of events: I left my motorbike within the compound wall of our apartments near the doctors house (Ground Floor) at 7:15pm on 10/10/2006. After that I had gone to my house on the first floor. I had locked the bike. I noticed the theft only in the morning on 11/10/2006 at 7:15am. A boy who comes to clean my bike informed me that there was no bike. I came down and searched but could not find the bike. I noticed some tire marks as if the bike had been dragged. When I had enquired with the persons staying on the ground floor (the doctors), they informed me that they had seen the bike at 10:30pm on 10/10/2006 when they had come home. So, I deducted that the bike has been stolen between 10:30 pm on 10/10/2006 and 7:15am on 11/10/2006. Verbally I had informed the police that I heard a siren, their blue brigade patrol at around 12:15am on 11/10/2006. There is higher probability for the theft to occur between 12:15am on 11/10/2006 to 6:00am on 11/10/2006, as there will be people movement in my area after 6:00am.

Yes, I do miss my stolen bike but the process after is more hurting. I found that my bike was under insured with ICICI Lombard and the IDV is mentioned as Rs. 49,875. I paid Rs. 61,500 for my bike, which includes special number for Rs.2500, and electric start. The insurance paper mentions it as kick start. And even if there's an insurance pay back, it is Rs.12000 less.

I have filed the FIR and filed for insurance claim. But this process will extend from a period of 2-3 months. What am I supposed to do for another 3 months ? I do not have any extra bike or scooter and neither can I buy a new one assuming that my bike will not be found.

I am following it through some known police officers, but they have not given me hope. They informed me that after stealing within that day, the bike is dis assembled and sold as parts. (I just hope that nothing like that has happened and hope that I will get my bike whole as on the day it was stolen.) The police officers at the police station have a bored look. They do not care at all.
I have borrowed my dad's bike temporarily, but it has given me such a bad back, that I do not want to use this device. It is going to be be long frustrating weeks with "Nataraja" service and Auto haggling.

All I wish is there some RFID device that I could hide into my bike which has a battery life of 1 year and a traceability area of 3-5 sq kms. If it is cost effective, then all these thefts will be passe. The police could trace all vehicles sitting in one location (A manufacturer site) With improvements, this tag can provide a better version and linking this with vehilcles will provide a maximum deterrent to theft, not only in India but also all over the world.

Any body else thinking along my lines ?

Questions for life …

- What is life ?
- Why are we here now ?
- What is the purpose of life ?
- Why do we die before/after enlightenment?
- What stage is enlightenment ?
- If the purpose of the human birth is until enlightenment, what am I doing here working my life off for money ?
- If enlightenment is my path, why was I not blessed with money so that I could concentrate on enlightenment ?
- What happens after death ?
- What determines my next birth ?
- How does birth as a human guarantee a transfer to another dimension ?
- Why is the law of Karma possible ?
- If Karma is there, pariharams are able to reduce bad effects, why is there Karma?
- Why is that some persons die even if pariharams are made ?
- Why cannot I sacrifice for someone else ?
- If love can make anything happen, why is it not happening ?
- What causes death ?
- How does one body affect another though marriage ?
- How does the life change after marriage ?
- Why is not possible to write off all debts in just one birth ?
- How does life (soul) come into the new born baby ?
- If the soul is able to choose the parents, is there a similar world as earth in another dimension ?
- How are multiple dimensions (ghost / after death / deva loka / ashura loka / shiva loka etc) existing ?
- If dreaming is considered as life in another dimension, does the soul just pass from one dimension to another and how does it exist simultaneously in several dimensions ?
- What is reality ?
- If “siddhi’s” should not be used, then why are they there ?
- Where does the soul reside in the human body ?
- If the soul is part “God”, why I am searching for him outside ?
- How do I achieve/realize "God" ?

I need ANSWERS and this is not the end of my list neither am I a novice to these questions and search for answers.

Who knows ?