Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am jubilant!!! Finally got the LED TV which I had got from US to work. The LG LED TV LE5400 Supports only NTSC.

With advent of Digital Channels, I was under the impression that any TV will work, but was I surprised. My Tata Sky did not work. It showed only Black and white. I checked out with one of my wife's friends and he had informed that Airtel TV works, but only in HD mode for those 8 channels. (Not at all helpful). Checked out some broadband forums and many people suggested using Dish TV as it was supported also in the computer and I also found Sun TV is hosted in US through the Dish network.

(Did lots of research on the net and asked lots of people also). Some people had also mentioned that Sun Dish has a NTSC option. It was put in a broadband forum. All this left me confused. Was down to 2 choices: Sun Dish or Dish Network.

My dad at that time consulted a LG technician. He affirmed that LG works in SCV as it has a NTSC option. (Thanks a lot for that LG Technician who helped me make that choice) We earlier had a SCV, which my dad renewed. I gave all the connections. It was still black & white. I went into System Options and changed both for UHF and Audio Video Settings to NTSC_M.

Now, I have a beautiful TV which works in India. Some screenshots showing the settings. Hats
off to SCV who are forward in their thinking of providing all options in a set top box, I was able
to see PAL (India), NTSC (US), Secam (Europe). I have temporarily set this up to check its working. Will set up the entire set on the wall by end of day.
Added: Also confirmed that
Dish Tru HD set top box using HDMI cable works for NTSC TV.


umang shah said...

sorry for dumb question what is scv

Harry said...

It is Sumangali Cable Vision. Pls go to the website:


hey Harry,

Thanks for this note!!!! I have just brought same LED Lg5400 TV from US.
Are you talking about SCV set up box or Sun direct DTH box?
Please reply on this.

Harry said...

I have taken SCV set top box. But Based on Some forums and the manual I had downloaded this TV will also work i Sun Direct DTH. As per the manual, Sun Dish Box, has a manual option to connect to NTSC.But pls check with a friends box before you get your own.
SCV - It works!
Hopefully in a few years, we can experience true digital which is not dependent on NTSC or PAL.

Sreeni said...

Hi, I was able to connect my NTSC TV (LG 46LD550 -which is 110 - 240V) to a Dish Tru HD set top box using HDMI cable. Did not have to use any other setup. Luckily, the dealer (Sankalp electronics in Kothrud, Pune) was willing to do the demo before I bought the STB.

Harry said...

Good to hear that. Dish was among my finalists for choice. Are you able to view all channels? Other than the 8 HD channels. Are they any channels you are not able to see?

abdul said...

Hi I bought a samsung LED 3d Tv from Seoul, korea i have the same NTSC issue, can i know where you bought the SCV connection, did you buy thge entire pack of channels with the STB or you just have your local cable connection with a SCV STB, please throw some more light.



Harry said...

Hi Abdul, to subscribe to SCV Call 044-28286161. All channels work, you can buy any pack. The conversion to NTSC is done by the set top box. As long as you route the cable TV signal through the box, you are good. You can have a local TV connection with SCV STB.

Ravikumar Gnanaraj said...

Hi - DId you do this setup using HDMI cable? Does this scv box has hdmi output?

Harry said...

SCV does not come with a HDMI cable. The normal cabling AV cables - red, yellow & white works well.
If you want to connect HDMI with Hi Def, check Dish TV Tru HD.
Also, if you check the reality for HD channels, there are only a handful (abt 10 channels), the rest of them are not HD. For this you may end up paying a higher fees. Best is to wait until we have abt 40+ good channels in HD before converting.

Anonymous said...

How did you enable UHF settings in the SCV set top box. I have one and this setting is currently protected (greyed out)?

Friend said...

Hello, I am from Mumbai and purchased one NTSC TV from US. In Mumbai in my area generally we use local cable operator's cable. What is the solution?

Harry said...

Local TV operator will not work unless he has an NTSC option. Best to go for Dish Tru HD set top box using HDMI cable.

Harry said...

The UHF Settings for my set top box can be changed. Please check with your cable TV operator and request him for a new box. I have heard some STB's do not have the option of changing to NTSC/PAL.

Unknown said...

Harry, I am able to see all channels (normal and HD) provided by the Dish TV premium pack.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me whether the LG TV LM6700 bought from US recently will work on Airtel or Tata sky dishtvs.?

Harry said...

It does not work on Airtel and Tata sky as they are not true digital

Harry said...
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purav said...

hi Harry, your comments are very useful here. i'm also planning to buy an NTSC TV here in U.S. and it is smart TV, 3D. i have heard of various existing converters from PAL to NTSC. do i need one of those? and most importantly, does the quality of the picture get impacted by using the set top boxes. 1 more question out of this, any clue on the custom rules? appreciate your help. :)

Harry said...

On your questions Purav:
1. Convertors are not required. If you buy a convertor - it will equal you buying the TV in India. (Cost Benefit is gone!)
2. Check India custom website - You can bring up to Rs.25,000 in green channel. Custom rules are here: (
3. The goods over and above the free allowances shall be chargeable to customs duty @36.05%, the duty shall be calculated only on the excess of such amount.
4. Allowance is dependent on stay - if you stay longer, allowance is higher.
5. Quality of picture depends on ur set top box and the connection taken by you. If you want HD quality then take HD quality connection.

Banu from Chennai said...

I would like to mention that Videocon DVR would definitely work with NTSC only TVs like my Sony LED TV.

Anil Kumar Pilla said...

Hi Harry,

I'm also planning to bring a LG 42" LED TV. I would like to know, how did you shipped you TV. Do we need to pay extra baggage for TV?.

Please share you experience towards the baggage process in airport.


Anil Kumar Pilla said...

Hi Harry,

After going through your blog, i have decided to take a 42" TV with me this coming month. I would like to know the shipping process, do we have to pay as a extra baggage or it is consider as a separate cargo.

Please share you experience and thoughts regarding the shipping process to India.


Hari said...

Hi Anil,
The weight is dependent on what the airlines allow as free allowance. If you are within weight no additional charges. Normally a frequent traveler would bring one personal baggage and declare the TV as the 2nd baggage. Ensure you have protected the TV well (with your original wrapping and put fragile all over it.) Keep a copy of your bill, to show it as an used TV on a requirement basis, otherwise the customs will use their own valuation which will be much higher. Refer to the above posts on the free allowance, after which you will be charged if it is a new TV. An important tip: If you can, ensure you have international warranty on it as it costs just a few dollars more and it is worth it!

Sudeepa Kumari said...

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